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Wolf Beats Staff

The guys behind Wolf Beats are all fans of music. Every single one of them works very hard to meet our goals and expectations. 

The staff plays an important role throughout the entirety of the company, whether it be the marketing, graphic designing, management, or supervising.

Everyone at Wolf Beats shares the belief that a personal relationship with each artist is important. We prefer keeping a smaller roster in order to keep that close relationship 

We hope that maintaining a pure and open approach will become a norm with future companies. Perhaps together we can all work towards the same goals of changing the music industry for the better.





What they say

Nitro Fun

"Their team is super friendly and they always try to remain in touch with you and update you with whatever they're working on for you. They're always working non-stop to boost your career and always do their best to promote your releases. I love them."

What they say


"Wolf Beats has really helped me find the direction of my music and my future. Honestly I have no idea what i would be doing without them"

About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a unified "pack" with our artists. Our priority is to give our artists the help they need to pursue their music career professionally. By offering a variety of different fields all customized to the artist's needs or wants ranging from marketing to social media administration, we believe that we can achieve our goal.